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DLG congratulates EPP on its 25th anniversary
(from left to right): Angelique Verschelde, President EPP Belgium, Benny Gussinklo, EPP Honorary President, Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, DLG President, and Erik Thijssen, EPP President

The club of European Pig Producers (EPP) welcomed a large number of guests last week who came to offer their congratulations on its 25th anniversary. Among the well-wishers was DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, who spoke at the ceremony held during the EPP conference in Brugge, Belgium, describing the club as a ‘success story’.  Founded in 1990 under the auspices of DLG, the EPP promotes the networking and sharing of information among pig producers throughout Europe in order to offer support as they prepare to play an active role and compete in global markets.  The common European market, the Common Agricultural Policy, and especially the opportunities offered by globalization have made it even more necessary to identify all parameters – large and small – and fine-tune them to generate success. This calls for the sharing of knowledge and experience across borders – knowledge and experience of markets and product concepts and also of developments in the individual national producer and consumer societies.  Carl-Albrecht Bartmer expressed his great pleasure in the friendship between the two organizations which jointly organize special events at the EuroTier show. He pointed out that in the future the two organizations would intensify their cooperation providing a forum for European pig producers to assist them in their decision making and develop their businesses.


The speaker also called for a common European animal protection policy that was commonly agreed on and ratified by all European states, pointing out this was a logical consequence that needed to be drawn from the flows of commodities that connect the European states In his view, only a common policy could prevent competition between the European countries from being wilfully distorted, which would result in the demise of major prime locations including the investments made in them.

The EPP network counts more than 500 members in more than 22 countries and as such has lived the European idea for more than 25 years. Following the guiding principle ‘learn from each other’, the club has understood that a direct and intensive exchange of experience is fundamental for a future-proof pig farming industry in Europe.